Friday, August 24, 2007

11th Hour

I think that the LA Greens are to be commended for putting together a real Green Weekend. This combines a Candidate Training Workshop with a viewing / forum centered around one of the two LA showings of The 11th Hour.

2 days of Green Party of CA Strategy Sessions and Candidate Workshops at UCLA, plus a Sat. evening event starting with dinner at Monsoon in Santa Monica followed by a special viewing of "The 11th Hour" with Q&A

It would be a great idea for other locals to plan something similar around screenings of this important documentary when it comes to your town... and if it is not yet scheduled to show there, start calling some theaters and demand it.

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ms_xeno said...

Hey, Wes (and friends). I sure wish that we had a blog like this in OR. Frankly, I envy your state. But don't tell the other Oregonians. It's a secret. ;)