Friday, January 15, 2010

Laura Wells and Main Stream Media.

For far too long, I have heard Greens talk about being given short shrift by main stream media. It has become such a truism that most Greens don't even try. 

Let me show you something what can be done if you try.  Laura Wells in the Sacramento Bee.  It can be done. All you have to do is become the story. In Laura's case, part of that story is having been the top vote getter for any Green in a CA partisan race.  That was as a candidate for Controller in 2002 when she out polled the top of the Green ticket, Peter Camejo.

 There is no secret to this.  Mainstream Media is always looking for a story.  So, give them one.  If you like this about Laura, then go visit her web site, become a fan of Laura on facebook, follow her on twitter.

More importantly, take some time  to Feel the spirit. Bill Moyers had it right.  We don't have the money to compete with a Meg Whitman or a Steve Poizner or a Jerry Brown with maybe $7 Mil in the bank.  But now one works their ass off like a Green.  We have to, but that is what is going to win elections and, who know, maybe make a heroine out of Laura.

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Ross Levin said...

What is absolutely needed is huge Green voter registration drives, booths at fairs, attempts to get union endorsements, plain old knocking on doors, and other forms of organizing like that. This is what I'm hoping to help with in my friend's campaign, who is also a union organizer, for city council in Philadelphia in 2011. He's running as a Green.