Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Peak Coal?

The idea of peak oil is not new news, but the idea of peak coal might be. No journalist covers the coal industry better than Ken Ward Jr. at the Charleston Gazette. This is how he covers peak coal. For Ward, it is the future of Appalachia. For us, it is tied to energy use. As utilities switch from coal to natural gas, even the cost of heating our homes will go up.

With the future of energy production in the US questionable, how can Greens best act to ensure that we all of a future? In my previous post, I commented on the absolute necessity to defeat Pro 23. This time, I am going to suggest that we take the issue to local government. What are they doing to prepare our communities for a new energy future? In my community of Morgan Hill, the Mayor and half of the city council are up for re-election. I am asking each of the candidates to be very specific about what they are willing to do and whether they are willing to spend local money on it. Then, I will use a column in the local newspaper to try and make this a defining issue for the city council.

I hope that Greens all over this state are going to do the same. The more people who are willing to vote primarily on the basis of a candidate's position on climate change and energy, the more certain our future.

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