Monday, June 26, 2006


It may have been fitting that the Plenary was in Southern California this time. The feedback that I have heard sounds like a Beach Boys hit: Good Vibrations. That is great news.

One of my county's delegates has reported back that both Kern County and San Benito County were formally approved at this GA. After the tone of the Kern Count discussion, this is also goodness. It is difficult to grow this party in rural areas, so adding two new basically rural counties is goodness. We can look on San Benito County as a signal of things to come. Daniel Weintraub of the Sacramento Bee uses San Benito County "as the bellwether for election results watchers. As San Benito goes, so goes the state. " Maybe it is time for the state to go green.

Other accomplishments were, I have been told, were:

  • the adoption of a new agriculture plank for the platform,
  • ERWG authorized to move forward on trying to get a legislative sponsor for the draft Elections Code Sections.
  • All GPCA nominees for partisan office endorsed by acclamation of the delegates. GPCA budget approved after minor changes.
Is there any additional feedback? Open Comments.


Wes said...

A little more, from Cres Velucci:

- resolution calling for the Impeachment of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Gonzales passed.

- the candidates for statewide office were all endorsed.

- a revision of the platform re: democratic unionism was accepted

Anonymous said...

I was only able to attend the Friday night Coordinating Committee meeting and the Saturday meeting. I agree that the vibes were great. Thank you, Ventura County Greens, for hosting the GPCA's delegates. The food was great and you were incredibly friendly.
The draft of the minutes are not ready yet. Here are a few other decisions:
- Jared Laiti was re-elected and Ellen Maisen from Los Angeles was elected for the first time as At-Large members of the Coordinating Committee.
- The Union platform was approved
- The Impeachment Resolution was endorsed
- The Coordinating Commitee and Mike Feinstein reached an agreement about the finances to run the office on Pico Blvd.

This was the first time I took my kids with me to the plenary. I took my two youngest daughters (7 and 8) who loved being there. Greens showed so much love for my kids that they want to go to the next plenary! It is unusual in society, at least where I live, for kids to encounter so many adults that are genuinely glad to engage them in their conversations and projects. Also, Adrienne's daughter, Jessie, provided the best childcare one could hope for. Thank you!

Lisa said...

Good to see everyone and yes, it was a Good Vibrations Weekend.

The women's caucus met at lunch, hastily on Sunday, and Linda of Santa Cruz gave a report to the GA during a lull, which I hope will be posted.

I wish that the regional and identity caucuses would meet as a real breakout session like they used to, instead of crammed into lunch or non-existence. The business is always pressing but people come from all over the state in these rare face-to-facers, so i think it is important. And meet on Saturday so that you have time to bond and talk throughout the weekend, and not have to run off a few hours after you just met!

Thanks to KCM Curry of LA County and Laura Wells of Almada County for impromptu discussion at our table, which led to the Women's Caucus mtg.

Good to hear about the excellent child care. And thanks to the host committee for al their work.

Lisa Taylor
LA County