Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Choose your future

While following up on an email from Architecture 2030 last night, I ended up on the web site of an organization that is trying to Focus the Nation. Right in the middle of the Focus the Nation home page is a big rectangle with text that reads "Choose your future: Vote."

Now that is rather ironic in that I have recently seen some Greens advocating that we do not vote, that our votes are in all cases meaningless. I can not think of any action we could take that is more meaningless than not voting.

I have already mailed in my ballot for the primary. I voted against every one of the ballot measures. I also voted for my choice for being the presidential nominee, Kent Mesplay.

Beyond that, I clicked on the "Donate" link in the right side menu and made a donation to the GPCA. I don't agree with many things that are going on. I especially do not like the continued infighting that has turned our focus inward, rather than outward. But, this party needs to have funds to support our candidates. Maybe one part of the reason that we can not win is that we do not have, or choose not to spend, money on running campaigns. If all campaigns had to be self financed, we would only have Mitt Romney's running for election. That is not the future I choose.

So, I encourage all of you to do as I did: make sure that you have voted and click on the "donate" button.

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