Friday, January 11, 2008

Science Friday

This is a big weekend of important days, all leading up to the Green Party Presidential Debate in San Francisco on Sunday, Jan 13.

It really begins with NPR's Science Friday today.Science Friday Logo On today's show, Ira Flatow will devote the first hour to the discussion of a Science Debate 2008 (clock logo in right menu). If there were ever a time when it is necessary to have a basic understanding of science at all levels of government, it is now. If you have the opportunity, tune in at 11:00 AM PT. (2 PM ET). The same hour also includes a discussion of what we really need to consider about the environment right now.

I know it is the middle of the work day here, but I can't think of a better way to spend some time.

The second important activity is the GPCA Strategy Session in Palo Alto on Saturday. While the past history of these strategy sessions is that they have devolved into battlegrounds for other conflicts, I have the sense that this time, the absolute need to have a strong showing in this election cycle will make a difference in both the tone and the substance of the session.

As for the Presidential Debate itself, I have collected a number of suggested questions from around the country, questions that Greens would like to see asked, and answered. I hope that one of them, at least will recognize the importance of ecology and other sciences in the years ahead.

We also need questions on the economy as that is the number one issue on most voters minds right now. Three leading banks said that we are heading into a recession. Most voters are afraid of the consequences. Everyone is talking about the increasing disparity of wealth. What do our candidates have to say?

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