Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Congress Critters at the trough.

We all have this vague feeling about politicians, that chances are they are either dirty, or lack the fortitude to follow through on all of those glorious promises they made. Maybe they don't have... what was that word Madeline Albright used... oh yeah... they don't have the cojones.

Then, it is not surprising that Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) can always keep their list of the 15 Most Corrupt Members of Congress. One of the functions of the big losses that the Republicans took in 2008 is the fact that now the Democrats outnumber the Republicans on this list. As for this info, you might say that a little frog reminded me.

Nor is it surprising that there are four critters on that list from So Cal. Two white male Republicans (Jerry Lewis-41st CD and Ken Calvert 44th CD and two black female democrats (Maxine Waters 35th CD and Laura Richardson 37th CD). It might be a shock, however, that Richardson made it on to the list so quickly. You generally need to have been around Washington for 4 or 5 terms to be so honored.

I guess that this backs up what Alex says about the LA County Democratic Machine. Big City politics at it's worst turns out a string of self serving slickers and then keeps them in office solely because they are the incumbent.

At least we had a good Green make a run for the 37th CD when Richardson first got elected. I sure wish that Daniel had won.


Ross said...

I'm surprised that Waters made the list. I don't know much about her except that she's loved by a lot of Democratic progressives. That just makes me a little bit hopeless...

Wes said...

Ross, it is an old story. We expect that our Congress Critters disclose their financial ties with companies when they take any action that would aid the company. Rules are rules. Do we give Waters a pass because she was aiding a minority owned business and talks the right side of social issues?

While not of the scale of someone like Murtha, whose defense contractor dealings could buy a fleet of yachts, there is still a standard of conduct that we should expect from all.