Sunday, September 20, 2009

Green need to press the Press.

There are a lot of blacks who get really upset with Bill Cosby because he does not accept excuses for educational failures. His work in Detroit right now is a case in point. Cosby is willing to go door-to-door to say what he feels needs to be said, that people need to take responsibility for educational outcomes, no matter how bad the system is or now much racism still holds people back.

I feel that something similar needs to be said about the relationship between Greens and the media. There are many who would ignore what the deride as "corporate media." They know that the "corporate media" does not give Greens any space, or time, so they just don't try.

We need a Bill Cosby, who can say with conviction, that we help create our own vacuum. There is absolutely no reason that Greens can not be working the media in the same manner that the other parties do. It is all about building relationships. The more you get to know the hard working folks in the press, the more you realize that we are on the same side... telling the truth about the story of America. That is where the best of them are and it is easy to find them. You may have to read, or listen to, a bit of dreck, but the end result is that you will find reporters who are willing to carry a good story if you help them find it.

We have to do our home work if we expect to past the test. I am sure that Cosby would agree. There are no excuses for poor media coverage.

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