Saturday, November 14, 2009

Identity Theft

The California League of Conservation Voters, long recognized as the environmental arm of the California Democratic Party, has now put up a new web site that exhorts everyone to "Help make California’s next Governor a Greener Governor in 353 days." They even label the web site "Green Gov". Of course, it is just an outreach for the Democrats and appears to have only a Democratic following.

I mean, it is easy to contrast Jerry Brown, who is not yet an official candidate, with Tom Campbell, Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner. However, they ignore the fact that there might be an even Greener option. I doubt that they will even list a Green Party candidate when we have an official candidate. I certainly encourage Laura Wells to jump into the fray and let's start spreading the truth to the people of California.

If unchallenged, actions like the CLCV has taken will erode even more of our identity. We must protect what we have. I encourage all of you to go to the GreenGov web site and take their poll, but make sure to click "other" for the choice. Of course, they don't give you the option of filling in a name like Laura's. But we will make a point that none of that list of greenwashed corporate apologists is truly Green.

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