Saturday, February 20, 2010

Changes under way

I am letting everyone know that California Greening will undergo some change even as my personal life undergoes some parallel changes. I have resigned from all of the committee roles that I have in the Green Party. I really did not enjoy doing that much. It became something that I did because, at time, no one else was doing it, or not doing it well enough. 
  • EcoAction Committee is truly the point effort for the future of the Green Party.  It is the one place where the basic assumptions of how this world works are going to be challenged, from peak oil to climate change to sustainable anything.  Yet, a few years ago, it was about to be done away with.  So I stepped in and did what I could to keep it alive. 
  • If there is one place where an ecological understanding is necessary, it is in the platform of the Green Party. Yet, that section of the platform is very much out of date and does not truly reflect the dire straights that we are in. 
Still, I have decided that I am not particularly good at committee things and spent too much time on it while spending too little time making my wife's life easier and making the pottery that some is very good.

However, I still like to read, think and write... hopefully in that order. So, I will continue writing on this blog but not with the frequency that I have in the past.  Mostly, it will be longer, more OpEd or essay styled writing about issues that I think are important... such as what do we mean by a sustainable economy and how can we achieve that.  Clue: think in ecological terms.

As for some of the other things that I really want to do, well, you might find them at my original personal web site: 


Martin Zehr said...


It is good to see your continued interest and engagement. You have given me support over the last couple years. I always enjoy hearing of your life and work.

It is up to the Green Party to welcome the new voices for our times so that the vacuum can be filled when us oldtimers look to a different landscape for our life's journey. The relevance of our work is reflected by the willingness of young people to take it up as their own. Our willingness to search in new directions, as a party, means we will hear new agendas and new vision. If we fear what the young are saying, we might do better if we listen closer and find the kernel of newness that blends with the solution of continuity to produce new shoots of green vitality.

Until our journey is over, we all continue to grow in new ways. If we accept the sacredness of our lives, we must accept the new tasks that call to us.

The failure of Green Party's organization is that is still fails to acknowledge its responsibility to provide the opportunity for individuals to raise their voices and find the new realities. Too often, while we advocate great change in the political arena, we fail to grasp the changes internally that will re-vitalize our work.

A good journey to you Wes. And continue as you choose to contribute. Many of us have come to rely on the wisdom that you have shared over the years. Peace to you and your family.

Wes said...

Thank you for the good thought, Mato. Change is easy to say and difficult to bring about, as Obama is discovering.

But, I think we have pushed a few things in the right direction.