Monday, February 01, 2010

GPCA Plenary Opportunity

The GPCA Plenary is being organized by the Santa Clara County Greens and will be held on March 6 and 7.   There are also opportunities for other outreach at the same time.  Saturday, March 6, is the chosen time for an International Women's Day March and Festival in San Jose.

This could be an great opportunity for outreach and presence.  On time County Council member, Charlotte Casey, sent the following announcement to cover at our next County Meeting.

March and Festival Title: Womyn United…: International Womyns’ Day San Jose, Ca March 2010

Logistical Details: Saturday, March 6, 2010
  • 11am Rally Begins
Route Details
  • 12pm START: Roosevelt
  • 1pm END Biblioteca

Festival Details
  • 1pm Festival Begins
  • 4pm Festival Ends
Points of Unity
  1. Create a network among women based organizations in San Jose.
  2. Educate and create awareness on our projects, services and campaigns.
  3. Use as stepping stone to support each other’s work in the future.
  4. The march is dedicated to migrant rights and anti-war efforts
Route Narrative
We will rally at 11am at Roosevelt Park (19th Street and Santa Clara Street) and have some simple programming available and use a megaphone for creating momentum to celebrate the centennial anniversary. We will then march at 12pm with banners and signs in hand. No amplified sound will used except the megaphone.
We will have volunteers to clean up park after we leave and we will have volunteer security to make sure marchers stay on the sidewalk. Previous security for traffic and safety will be provided. We will also be working with the police to notify them of our intentions.
We will then march towards downtown along Santa Clara Street. We will make a left turn on First Street and finish our march at 1st Street and Oak Street at the Biblioteca LatinoAmericana address. We will ensure that volunteers pick up garbage along the route and do a 2nd screening of the park once the route is over. 
Participating Organizations:
Cihuatl Tlatocan, FOCUS, DEBUG, San Jose Peace and Justice Center, CodePink, SJSU Wowi (Women on Women’s Issues, Santa Clara County’s Office on Women’s Policy, LGBTQ Youth Space, SOMOS Mayfair and more to to confirm

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