Monday, April 02, 2007

Global Warming and the Bushies

I am going to copy an exchange from the Eco-Action Committee of the national Green Party.

Chris Dudley wrote:

The US Supreme Court just ruled that the EPA may regulate CO2 and other greenhouse gases.
To me, settling this point is of great importance. It is too bad though that 4 justices were so tone deaf to congressional intent.



This is good news. At the same time, the pressure from abroad to "do something" is increasing. The following is from the BBC today.

European environment leaders have said the US and Australia must alter their stance on climate change, as talks opened in Brussels on a major report.

EU Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas said a change of the US "negative attitude" to international climate treaties was "absolutely necessary".

My question... What is our Green Party doing about this most Green of issues?

The War in Iraq is needlessly killing thousand of people. We march; we write, we protest, with great energy and conviction. Even 60 Minutes last night featured Scott Pelley with another in his series of reports on Global Warming. Pelley ended the segment talking with Paul Mayewski, Director of the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine.
Asked what that would mean for coastal areas around the world, Mayewski tells Pelley, “If sea level were to rise like that, that would be tremendous changes. Immense migrations.”

“It would be the largest catastrophe that the modern world would have experienced*,” he adds. (ephasis added).

That rise in sea level would play out over decades. Some of it may be inevitable. It turns out that many greenhouse gases last a long time in the atmosphere—there’s a lot up there already.
Why do we express moral outrage over one and not the other?

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Alex Walker said...

Talk about "Preaching to the choir" (I am the lead tenor in the choir at Wes Rolley's California Greeening Church of What's Happening Now).

Nevertheless, I have to say a big Amen! to what Wes has written here.

It is almost as if we Greens have been marginalized for so long that we don't quite know what to do now that we're sitting right on top of the biggest issue in the world.

And it goes everywhere. There is an article in the New York Times this very day describing how all the Western states are scrambling to cope with water shortages. In recent weeks I've seen reports of asthma soaring among children in the rural Central Valley and also reports about filthy air in inner-city Compton.