Thursday, April 19, 2007

New Apportionment

There are new rules for the apportioning of seats on the Green Party of the United States National Committee. This will give California significantly more seats on the Natioinal Committee (now 11 National Delegates.

There is an anti-corporate attitude among many Greens, but there is one practice of good corporations that we should adopt. Even as a first level manager in a major corporation (IBM) I understood that one of my responsibilities was to identify and develop my own replacement. The health of the company depended on our ability to continue to provide good new managers to replace those who retired, opted out or left the company for one reason or another.

I do not see that happening at all within the workings of the GPCA. With very few exceptions, there is no sense of anyone taking those specific steps to improve our level of performance.

The exceptions that I would want to note are: (1) Shane Que Hee whose work on the Platform Committee always appears to have an educational element to it, helping people understand what it takes to get the current task completed; and (2) the work of the Campaign and Candidates Working Group with Warner Bloomberg. CCWG has, of necessity, a responsibility to provide guidance and training for candidates and their campaign staffs.

I think that we should be cautious about any one person serving in too many roles concurrently. If a person were to be on a county council, hold a state level CoCo position and also be a National Delegate, it is likely that they will not be able to perform equally well at all tasks.

I would like to hear all new members (to be selected at the next plenary) to respond to the question of how their selection will affect their ability to continue their current tasks within the GPCA.


Lisa said...

From my county, Los Angeles, I think only 4 of these applicants are on county council, and only one is a state level co-co.
Green Party of California
applications for GPUS Delegation
May 2007 General Assembly:

KCM Curry, received 3/10/07
Eugene Hernandez, received 3/20/07
Mike Feinstein, received 3/24/07 7
Michael Rochmes, received 3/25/07
Sara Amir, received 3/25/07
Lisa Hsu, received 3/26/07
Erin Schmidt, received 3/26/07
Zack Beatty, received 3/26/07
Denise Robb, received 3/26/07
Linda Piera-Avila, received 3/26/07
Lisa Taylor, received 3/26/07

Wes said...

There are some whose candidacy I am concerned about, other that I am not. I was just pointing out the fact that we are stretched thin, not getting enough new blood into our clogged arteries and this could serve to make matters worse by overloading those who are already doing more than their share.

Lisa said...

In general, yes I agree with that. We have a problem with new blood.

I often say to fellow Greens that it makes me nervous when most at our meetings/plenaries are over 40.

In my local, Los Angeles City Greens, we have 2 steering committee members, Michael Rochmes and Erin Schmidt, who are under 30, so that is some reason for hope!