Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tax Day Potpourri

Having taken care of my tax obligations, sent of an invoice for some additional work that I have done and cleaned up part of the garage, I have a little time to post a potpourri of items that I think are worth a comment.

I ran across a new (to me) blog called Healing Iraq. The owner is an Iraqi dentist. The images are not pleasant to see, but should be.

I have joined another new blog, Ditch Crazy Dana, which is trying to do to Rohrabacher (CA-46) what we did to Pombo. It is still in it's infancy, but there are a few interesting posts.

That fact tells me that we Greens need to pay attention to the manner in which we can affect specific districts. This is one where all of the pundits are saying the same things that they said about Pombo's 11th district in 2006. But Pombo and Rohrabacher have a lot in common besides being in "safe Republican districts." They both have been ineffectual as legislators. They both have made a career out of being a character. They both are out of step with common sense on environmental questions. Does that mean that Rohrabacher can be beaten?

At the present time, the most popular progressive candidate, Debbie Cook (I think a Dem.) is saying that she is not interested. Might Tom Lash run again?

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