Thursday, May 17, 2007

Delta Smelt Population Crash

Hank Shaw is an ever observant reporter of "politics in the Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys." He is also Capital Bureau Chief for the Stockton Record.

On his blog today, he provides astounding new evidence of the continued collapse of the population of delta smelt, a general indicator of the health of the delta.

Let me remind you that there is currently a law suit under which a judge has set a date for the shut down of the Tracy Pumps, supplying water for irrigation in the Central Valley and also for the Metropolitan Water District in SoCal. This, because the Department of Water Resources has ignored California's Endangered Species Act.

In his typical fashion, Shaw gives a net assessment.
Bottom line: This smelt survey is so scary it could spark emergency action, which could translate into less water for Southern California -- in a dry year.

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