Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The purpose of a political party is to elect people

I sometimes find people a bit strange. When someone announces that they are running for Congress, as Daniel Brezenoff did here, it is so easy to pick up the phone and call him. I found a few who did, and some who did not. Those who did, like Donna Warren, have called on others to support him. As Donna said on an LA email list in response to a query from Alex Walker (copied here with her permission)...
So let's prepare for the next race. Can we put into place a team that can immediately jump into action and get the signatures, plan
the campaign, do the door knocking and get out the votes? Can we raise the money we need to print out brochures, flyers, and signs? Can we contact the neighborhood councils, community groups, churches, and greens in the 37th District and muster a real run for this seat?

We can if Alex and the Alex's of LA County get together to do these vitally important tasks to get a green elected. In the meanwhile, let's get Daniel to Congress where he can open the door for other greens to run.
Looking for Daniel, I found that he wrote a very excellent supporting OpEd for Gabrielle Weeks's City Council Campaign. It ran in the long Beach Press Telegram. A google search on his name will let you read some more, for example this letter to the editor at Time.

Maybe these links will help you get to know Daniel a little better.

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