Monday, June 04, 2007

Ecological Wisdom

This past week, Kalmran Alavi posted a YouTube link on a Green email list with subject Ecological Wisdom. This is the link.

It is the most fascinating amateur nature video that I have seen, the wonderful chance of a person with a camera being in the right place when something happened.

Since I have watched this several times, I have pondered just what the ecological wisdom was supposed to be, what message was Kalmran giving all of us when he posted that. I came to the conclusion that the message was from what we make of it ourselves.

I had the view that the concerted action of a group could change the way the world is. That, when surrounded by lions and crocodiles, it was still possible to get things done and to astound the world doing it.

Maybe I am going to far to seek a symbolic meaning, to use this as a metaphor, but I started to think of the 37th Congressional District Special Election. It is easy to cast the Democratic party as the lions, the Republican Pafrty as the crocs and to admire the concerted work of the Greens. But, it did not happen the first time. Nor, would it have happened had the Greens not stuck with each other.

Watch the clip and tell me if I am trying too hard. Then figure out how you can set aside some time and energy to support Daniel Brezenoff's candidacy.

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