Sunday, June 03, 2007

Good things happen

Among all of the frustration that came out of the SF General Assembly, it sometimes takes an effort to step back and enumerate some of the good things.

For one, the Media Committee, especially Cres Vellucci and Erika McDonald, put on a very good press conference and it got good coverage, at least in the San Francisco television news.

Another is the fact that a number of you got to meet Daniel Brezenoff, the Green candidate in the 37th Congressional District special election. I have written before about Daniel. I believe that this is a golden opportunity to take our message of fairness and peace to all of the people. It is an opportunity to show what kind of organized effort we can produce. We are still a small party, but given that there is no other election to syphon away our enegy, we can focus that energy on this one election and surprise a few people .

Ealier this year, Bill Moyers told a group of students at Occidental College that "The only answer to organized money is organized people." I wonder just how organized we can be on the ground while we have dis-organization in the leadership.

The Democratic Party we through this recently, with the fight between the DCCC types like Rahm Emanuel and the "50 Staters" led by Howard Dean. They managed to figure out a way to work together and, in spite of the bitterness of that fight, won a few victories last November. If we figure out that the way to be in a position to implement anything is to understand that we are a political parties and that political parties contest elections, maybe we can get Daniel the help he need to pull this off.

If you havn't met Daniel, at least take a look at his appearance in the news conference that is now posted at YouTube.

Good things happen to those who try. Daniel is trying. Let's all join him and shake up a few people.

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