Friday, June 01, 2007

Is the Green Party still Green?

In a state where the governator has branded himself as the Green Governor, the Green Party of CA has lost site of it's ecological basis.

Multiple things are happening. Unfortunately, the Green Party does not yet have the capacity to deal with ecology, immigration and the peace movement, all at the same time. The one to suffer the most is ecology, the essence of being Green from which we derived our name.

Case in point:

When I post to this blog about ecological issues, especially a sustainable water supply, they are mostly ignored.

When events happen that demand a Green Party response, it is difficult to even get people to think about a press release, something that should be an automatic reaction.

Today, an Angry Progressive posted a message at Green Commons that goes to the heart of the problem.
...where the FUCK are you people on the environment? I mean, I think I know where you stand on the issues, but GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK! How is it that Hummer-driving Governor Schwarzenegger, of all people, is able to steal your thunder on this issue? How have you allowed that to happen? I mean, fucking COME ON! You need to get this message OUT THERE, people! It's unbelievable, really. (Sorry. Look, I know it's easier said than done: the electoral system here is badly tilted against small third parties, the media won't pick up your press releases, etc. etc., but... grrr!)

Please take this rant as constructive criticism; "feedback," if you will, on how your party appears to an outsider who wants very much to join the fight.
I am not as discouraged as that, but damned near. The current GPCA Environment email list has only 5 members and the last post was 12/06/2006.

We worry about what the grassroots are going to do? Well, I can see that we are going to worry about two whales and not about a sustainable water supply. Beyond that, it would appear not much.

If you think that it is important to do something about water, then please do one of the following.

Go to the web site for Friend of the River and make a small donation ($5.00 is OK) and note "For Restore the Delta" in the comments section.

Go to the web site for the California Water Impact Network and endorse their Sustainability Principles. Note in the comments that you are a member of the Green Party.

There is a window of opportunity in which we can make ourselves into a contributor to a sustainable future, but do it now. The next meeting of our "green" governor's Delta Vision Stakeholders group is June 7. Act now.



Orval Osborne said...

Dear Wes,
Yes, we are at a crisis time, and few people are talking about it. Thank you for writing on it.

I did both: made a $5 donation "For Restore the Delta" and endorsed their Sustainability Principles (Noting comment that I am a member of the Green Party.)

Orval Osborne said...

Regarding the excerpt from "Angry Progressive"
I share your anger. At least you made the parenthetical acknowledgment that it is much harder for the Green Party to get our message out than a Governor/movie star. Instead of blaming us, join us. You ask "How have we allowed this to happen?" Let's see you try, and I'll let you know if you got more media attention than the Governator. I think I know how our Party appears to an outsider. We could use your help. Its called grassroots organizing.