Monday, February 06, 2006

ECO-ACTION Committee.

The national GP has approve the establishment of the ECO-ACTION Committee. Be careful with the contact link. It may not yet be correct. It is for Kristen Olson.

The Mission of the ECO-ACTION Committee is:

The Eco-Action Committee is a new standing committee for 2006 and will focus on helping organize greens for local and national events and drives to protect and promote ecological wisdom and sustainability.

The GP CA does not yet have any member on this committee. I believe that this should become a priority. We need the linkage to national resources. We need to do a lot more to promote the concept of sustainability. And, having an active member of the national would restore some of the focus on issues of ecological wisdom and sustainability that we have lost.

Our Green Issues Working Group has re-validated the email list, moving it from yahoo groups to a GPCA owned system. This forces everyone to re-register. I hope that we will actually gain active membership. Those who are interested in joining, should just click here.

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