Sunday, September 08, 2013

In a response to another Green on the  GPCA Forum email list, I suggested that Greens needed to read, asI have done, Supply Shock by Dr. Brian Czech. I have just completed a review of that book and posted it to Amazon. The review also recommends reading Herman Daly's earlier (1996) work, Beyond Growth.

Personally, I was fortunate to find Daly's book in my local public library, but not Czech's. Maybe I should be shocked at the lack of supply.

Taken together, these two books give the reader a lesson in why our economy is destined to falter. It takes both to cover the varied histories which Czech does deliberately and Daly more anecdotally. I know that I will read so called progressive economists like Krugman much more carefully. Krugman's policy prescriptions for the US Economy, while helping to enhance social equity, will only lead us further down a dead end path through growth beyond the carrying capacity of our planet.

Friday, September 06, 2013

Sierra Club Agrees with Glickman

Far too often I hear the Sierra Club condemned for not endorsing Greens. While it is not as common as we would like, since we believe that the Green Party has more in common with the goals of the Sierra Club than any other party, it does happen and even in partisan races. The most recent Sierra Club endorsement has gone to Marnie Glickman. While the Las Gallinas Valley Sanitation District is a not a partisan office, we know what it takes to gain these endorsements. 

I even remember Tom Hutchings, a San Luis Obispo County Green, getting Sierra Club endorsement for State Assembly Dist 33 in 2004 after years of supporting efforts to block the expansion, if not able to close, the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant. It can be done, you just have to work at it.