Sunday, September 08, 2013

In a response to another Green on the  GPCA Forum email list, I suggested that Greens needed to read, asI have done, Supply Shock by Dr. Brian Czech. I have just completed a review of that book and posted it to Amazon. The review also recommends reading Herman Daly's earlier (1996) work, Beyond Growth.

Personally, I was fortunate to find Daly's book in my local public library, but not Czech's. Maybe I should be shocked at the lack of supply.

Taken together, these two books give the reader a lesson in why our economy is destined to falter. It takes both to cover the varied histories which Czech does deliberately and Daly more anecdotally. I know that I will read so called progressive economists like Krugman much more carefully. Krugman's policy prescriptions for the US Economy, while helping to enhance social equity, will only lead us further down a dead end path through growth beyond the carrying capacity of our planet.

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