Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A hot time in California

Just some thoughts that came to me over the past week while the heat came near to frying my brain. Since last Saturday 114, 113, 111, 109. Now, if I were from Fresno, I might find that normal, but we aren't used to it here. That was a disclaimer in case the rest of this does not make sense.

Whil Global Warming is a major new event (or was until the Isreal - Lebanon thing started) I don't see that it makes much difference to the Green Party candidates. Even Jay Leno was quipping "Ok, Al, your win. Just make it stop."

Some activists are discussing the pros and cons of a carbon tax, or even carbon rationing. Sorry, the latter was not an activist, it was a UK government official.

While there are practical, every day things that can be done, it is apparent that no one thinks this is an issue on which anyone can get elected. They may be right. Even Peter Camejo's issues reponse is a two year old statement on Solar Power based on the previous gubernatorial debates. Still, one would think that the Green Party of California would find a state issue, such as preparedness of our infrastructure for global warming.

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