Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Politics of Enforcement

Legislatures make laws. Executive branches of government should enforce them. That is, unless there is a political reason not to. That seems to be the case with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

The Center for Food Safety has filed a law suit charging the Food and Drug Administration for failing to carry out it's legally required duty of ensuring the safey of out nation's food supply. In a press release dated June 7, 2006 (I AM behind) they articulate the rationale for taking this path.
"For too long, the FDA has let biotech companies set the table for deregulation of GE food," said Joseph Mendelson, Legal Director for the Center for Food Safety. "Over six years ago, we challenged the agency to come up with a scientific defense for their lax approach to GE foods. Their failure to respond demonstrates the lack of science behind their GE foods policy."
This should be a fundamental issue for Greens all over the country. It is given lip service, but does not carry with it the daily video images that challenge us regarding the War in Iraq, or even Immigration. Still, at the Ventura Plenary of the GPCA, GMO's made a list of other planks that may need revision. But it will not be considered this year and SG 1056 seems likely to pass before then unless given significant opposition.

I thank Erica Martenson (author of the previous GMO material posted here) for reminding me of the action from the Center for Food Safety.

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