Friday, December 21, 2007

Indian Country Today Interview: Kent Mesplay

Since I gave my rationale for supporting Kent Mesplay for President, I should really follow up by calling your attention to an interview that was published today on the Front Page of Indian Country Today.

This will give everyone a very different look at this candidate. His life story is, to say the lease, unique.
'I didn't grow up on the reservation. I grew up in an environment that in many respects is even more primitive than some of our more isolated reservations. My dad picked the least hospitable place on the planet that you could think of: he chose Papua, New Guinea,'' Mesplay said with a laugh.

''So I grew up with Stone Age people in the middle of the rain forest. We didn't have television or even telephones. We captured rainwater for drinking and had a garden. There was a small air strip where we had provisions flown in, but we were largely self-reliant and that's part of who I am as a person.''

Sustainability and self reliance are crucial to security, Mesplay said.
There is much more in the interview that I would like to post, but that would violate their copyright. So, follow the link above and read it there.

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