Monday, November 17, 2008

What is Pat LaMarche doing now?

I assume that you all remember Pat. She was the Veep candidate who tan with David Cobb in 2004. For some that put her on their enemy list just behind Buch, Cheney and Cobb himself.

Well, not being one to just talk about things, she is down in New Orleans helping out with Malik Rahim's campaign. The following was posted as being the contents of a note from Pat.
please tell everyone we love them and we have a campaign that actually could win.

please tell them that i was at the common ground collective today and met a woman returning to her home in the ninth ward tomorrow for the first time in three years. tell them that she was so happy and it was malik and common ground that made it possible. then tell them that after malik got her some lunch because her life is so hectic today... that she told me about her brother dying ... drowning as he helped her save their children's lives.

please tell everyone that this is a man they can help new orleans send to congress and we are doing the best we can... but we need the international leverage... money.

help!!!!! anyone thinking of coming here to hellp..... donate the amount you would have paid for your plane ticket. he has such a great organization here... it only needs fuel for the engine and unfortuantely that's money.

we can do this.
Thank you for the update, Pat... and for the story. We need to make sure that everyone understand the stark contrast that exists between Rahim and Jefferson. While one was rebuilding New Orleans, the other was stocking up his freezer.


iwilder said...

Pat LaMarche was mistaken. They could still use volunters. Contact the campaign at

Anonymous said...

Can we talk Pat into seeking the GP presidential nomination in 2012?

Dr. James W. Clifton said...

I hope Pat LaMarche runs for the GP presidential nomination in 2012.