Friday, December 26, 2008

Social Networks Revisited

While reading Matthew H. Kahn's "Green Cities", I have also been following his blog: Environmental and Urban Economics. Last Sunday, he wrote of the Dark Side of Social Networks. The issue: the ease with which Bernie Madoff used his social networks to expand his massive fraud.
Trust crowds out investor effort as households didn't bother to ask the tough questions and do the basic "due diligence" before investing their $.
As we expand our own Green networks through Green Change, Facebook and others, how do we shield ourselves from errors of the same class. I am not sure how I even get into some so-called networks. This past week I had an invitation to be a friend of Susan Eggman @ Reuniun dot com. Now, I know of one Susan Eggman, a city councilwoman from Stockton. She would be interesting to talk to but I fail to see a good reason to join yet another social network environment just for that. The real question is this: how many of the people in your networks do you really trust with the most important aspects of your life?

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