Saturday, January 31, 2009

Health Care or Health Business Care

I am one of those who has been mostly healthy all of my life. I have friends who are not so lucky. While our State Legislature is posturing over a budget that Democrats don't want to deal with and Republicans wait for our government to fail (didn't Newt Gingrich give them any advice?) there are those whose only recourse is to look to the Federal Government.

There, again, we have the same deal making, only the Federal government can borrow or print money to make it work. After years of stalling... didn't Hillary promise to re-build America's health care system... it is still broken and people are still suffering, as you will find out if you click Read more!

I received this today from someone I have been associated with in the Green Party. Read it. It puts a person face on effects of all the posturing in Washington.


I am a 55 year old, disabled MediCare Beneficiary, and former US Army Veteran, Honorably Discharged. My only source of income is my Social Security Benefit. I get too much in benefits to qualify for low-income Governmental Assistance, but no enough to pay income tax, or afford to live comfortably.

It upsets me when I hear Republicans talk about people like me, "WHO DO NOT DESERVE A STIMULUS CHECK, BECAUSE WE DO NOT PAY INCOME TAX PRESENTLY!" Instead the Republicans want to continue to do business as in the past. Give the BAILOUT Money to the richest people, in hopes that it will Trickle Down to people like me! I can tell you first hand, nothing ever trickles down to people like myself, except higher prices.

In the last few years like for yourself, my own Gas Prices, Medical Co-Pays, and other Necessary Cost of Living expenses have all gone up dramatically. I am now facing possible bankruptcy, and loosing my home. If I got a "Stimulus Check" I would have to use it right away to fix stuff around my home that I have been ignoring due to lack of funds.

If You want immediate spending, of these Stimulus Checks, then they all should only go to Low-Income Senior and Disabled Social Security Beneficiaries. They have already proven their qualification, being they are already on a government program in which they PAID for when they were fully employed. Who is more deserving of this Government Stimulus, and will put it to use by spending it right away? Senior and Disable MediCare Beneficiaries!

Who would you rather see get a Stimulus Check, Millionaire Business Executives, or Senior and Disabled Social Security, and MediCare Beneficiaries? Which will help to Stimulate the Economy the FASTEST?

Billy Olson

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