Friday, February 13, 2009

Ideas that never come to pass

I have a history of bright (blindingly so to my mind's eye) ideas that never come to pass. Here is one.

After getting an email update from George Stephanopoulos about the upcoming This Week program on ABC, I sent back a suggestion that he have Energy Secretary Chu on next week. After all, energy, climate change and the latest version of a stimulus package are all top news now and who better to address them. If so, then I am sure that he would have George Will on his panel but they need a journalist who actually knows something about science. Will has proven that he doesn't. I then suggested that the ask Chris Mooney, author of The Republican War on Science to be there as a balance to George Will.


Philip H. said...

And what was the outcome of your request?

Wes said...

Nothing, obviously.

But, I continue to combat ignorance and will try to get my own OpEd into the San Jose Mercury News. Something on the order of George Will is a good man.. maybe becoming a bit confused in his old age... but with only good intentions.