Saturday, May 16, 2009

LA Water Grab

In yet another example of politicians not being willing to think ecologically, the City of Los Angeles is making yet another grab for the water in the Owens Valley. The Metropolitan Water District LA Department of Water and Power first did this in the early 20th Century. That happened long ago and led to the destruction / draining of Owens Lake and the near complete ruin of Mono Lake.

Now, even though the DWP lost a law suit and is being forced to restore the some flow of water into Owens Lake, the City of Los Angeles is now buying up land in the Owens Valley. By the time the colonize the entire valley, there will be no one to complain about shipping all the water down to LA.

Los Angeles has a Mayor who likes to make a lot of publicity for doing the right thing, like planting a bunch of trees, and then out of the clear light of publicity, they do what they really want which is to grab all the resources they can. Makes Villaraigosa look like Schwarzenegger. I am not sure this state can afford another Terminator clone.


Anonymous said...

The Metropolitan Water District is not the City of Los Angeles. Two different agencies. The MWD has had no dealings in the Owens Valley. It's the LADWP - big difference. Please get your history staight before you express an opinion.

Wes said...

You are right. Just in too much of a hurry. Which is too bad, because it detracts from an otherwise accurate depiction of Los Angeles Political Arrogance.