Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Restore the Delta wants to talk. DiFi doen't.

You would think that the Senator who is writing legislation that will define the future of an entire region would talk to the people in that region, especially if the region is the largest fresh water estuary on the West Coast. Well, if the region is the Delta and the Senator is Diane Feinstein, the answer is that she won't. The more she can hide what she is doing, the better for her family friends and contributors.

Please, click here and read the plea for a meeting from Restore the Delta.


Martin Zehr said...
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Martin Zehr said...

Integrity means being willing to see what is really happening and being willing to look beyond what others want to ignore. The problem with those like Diane Feinstein on this is that she wants to sell a particular action regardless of its consequences but is unwilling to admit the impact of decisions on others. Tough decisions do need to be made, but they need to be made by those who are most impacted by those decisions.