Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Laura Wells, Green Party Candidate, Arrested at Sham Debate

Ms. wells was arrested at the final debate between Democrat Jerry Brown and Republican Meg Whitman. Ms. Wells had a valid ticket and had already gone through security.

The charge: Trespassing.

Democrat Jerry Brown has spent $10.3 million and has $22.5 million in cash, and has also received help from public employee unions, which have spent $13.8 million on his behalf.

Republican Meg Whitman has spent $140 million.

What are they afraid of?


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Cathy Deppe said...

We are all trespassers in corporate America, if you accept that the Republicrats own the airwaves, press, and first amendment right to free speech (theirs!).

If you do not accept this, speak out with the Greens. Get in the streets!

Anonymous said...

It would be helpful if we knew what the basis of the charge of trespassing was. It seems very far fetched given the information that we have. But, to label the debate between Brown and Whitman as a sham is to repeat the same mistake that was made with Nader in Florida and New Hampshire in 2000. Then the Green Party claimed that there was no difference between Gore and Bush. Does any sane, rational, objective person actually believe that? Bush put two new justices on the Supreme Court. The result? The Citizens United case that really gives Big Corporations a carte blanche to steal the elections.
Richard Sutherland

Wes said...

When pressed to justify not allowing Wells into the debates, the Dominican University "office" fell back on the usual rubric that the candidates did not meet the standard of polling high enough. They also listed a number of polls that were consulted. However, most of those polls did not include any option other than Brown, Whitman or Not Sure. At least one of the polls, labeled LA Times-USC was conducted by two independent polling companies: one identified as a Republican pollster and the other as a Democratic pollster. There were no public interest pollsters involved.

I had once suggested that the public needs to take the power away from the media companies who shape the story to their own interest. The next time you have a chance to participate in a poll, lie 50% of the time. That way, they can't tell what is the truth and what isn't and when the polling data starts to fall apart, maybe they will stop using it and talk to us, the public, one on one. I know that Laura Wells is good at this.