Thursday, February 17, 2011

SSS - Somebody Should Syndrome

I wish that I had an antidote for the Somebody Should Syndrome (SSS) that seems to be a pandemic, spreading quickly through social medial. You have all seen it, the quick little tweet that says "Somebody should put Sen. Inhofe out to pasture" or even the collective "we have to do something about health care."

One of the reasons that I am a Green is the fact that one of the key values of the Green Party is Personal and Global Responsibility. I never imagined that personal responsibility stopped when you identified a problem that somebody should go to work on.

This is all the more a strange phenomenon is a party that does not accept large corporate donations, and thus must rely mostly on volunteers. So everyone should know that effective community organization starts when someone begins to organize the community, going door to door, talking to friend as the supermarket, calling a meeting at some local diner on Saturday Morning to plan how you can make you community better.

I know what I can best do. I write. I have this blog. I have have a monthly column in my local home town newspaper called Green Talk. It takes time. But it adds up.

I read the following on a Green Party Committee's email list this week.
This would be much easier to arrange, post notices for, etc. if there was a working forum for the Greens that people actually used. (Part of my strategy proposal, of course.)

A while back I thought it would be a good thing for the GPCA to have a twitter account also. So I made one. Now, others post there, but someone had to act. If we are really true to the Green values, then the cure for SSS is someone should I will…

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