Monday, August 22, 2011

Budgets Don't Balance Themselves

Public revenues need to be wrapped around their intended function in developing infrastructure. Taxing the rich is a slogan with no substance as to what the revenues will be used for. States, regions and municipalities are enduring budgetary crises, as well as the Federal Government. Investment multiplies capital accumulation. The point for me to focus on is net impact of those public investments. Have public schools gotten better, even before the massive cutbacks? NO. The restructuring of Federal Education funding was initiated by Reagan and GHW Bush. We are talking about changes that have been in effect for 30-40 years!

There needs to be a new context and a prioritization of where funds will go at all levels and a closer look at how to use them most efficiently. Ex. Teacher training in California has not demonstrated the capability to address the unique educational needs of the student population resulting from the demographic changes in the state. But, there is nothing inherent about the ability of oil royalties, that I support, that will address this.

Oil royalties could be used for energy R&D to move beyond the scenarios presented of windmills on every home. Unpleasant options such as desal for water and natural gas can raise the quantity of new supplies needed there. Tuition increases at state colleges and universities may be hard for all of us, but the stuff doesn't grow on trees. Am always willing to hear of better options. Changing PROP 13 is one for California. Public funds loaned to state infrastructure banks another possible recourse for the future. No Rachel Maddow, that doesn't mean we build Hoover Dams or expect that such projects will demonstrate our national greatness. Yes, Ron Paul the expense of U.S. militarism has caught up to us.

How to be lean, without being mean.There will be NO gain without pain somewhere. The tough nut to crack. Help me here people. It's a long and tortuous road ahead of us.

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Go on Huffpo to back and promote the green party. That blog gets millions of viewers.

I am alone in a sea of republicrats.

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