Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Euroopean Greens dissed Nuclear Energy.

Some may wonder how Germany was able to spin the energy wheel around to toss nuclear off the table.  I learned today (just today... shame on me) that it was all the work of those pesky Greens.   

While waiting for the dentist to get around to extracting one of my molars, I was reading Clean Energy Nation by Jerry McNerney (my Congressman) and Marty Cheek.  It was there, I found the following: 
An analysis report title "Nuclear Power: The Energy Balance" was prepared for the Green parties of the European Parliament by Jan Willem Storm van Leeuwen and Philip Smith for the United Nations Climate Conference in 2000.  Since then, they have updated their report several times and they warn that the nuclear-power industry's portrayal of nuclear energy as a solution to climate change might not be quite on the mark. The authors state in their detailed study that "the use of nuclear power causes, at the end of the road and under the most favorable conditions, approximately one--third  as much carbon dioxide (CO2) emission as gas fired electricity production."  

Those pesky Greens playing the game of tell the truth. 

McNerney and Cheek continue:

Then then warn us about the unsustainability of nuclear power.  "The rich uranium ores required to achieve this reduction are, however, so limited that if the entire present world electricity demand were to be provided by nuclear power, these ores would be exhausted within nine years.   Use of the remaining poorer ores in nuclear reaction would produce more CO2 emissions that burning fossil fuels directly.
This is the blunt statement of the truth that we need to be hearing from Green leadership in the US.

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