Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Alliance for Nuclear Responsiility

I would like to call attention to the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility. Based out of San Luis Obispo, CA and close to the Diablo Canyon NPP, the Alliance is arguably the most effective of grassroots organization in the state dealing with the problems inherent with nuclear power.

According to the late February post on the Alliance's site the California State Assembly has several options on the floor and the discussions are taking place, for the most part, outside the watch of mainstream media. According to the Alliance...
Assemblyman Sam Blakeslee has taken the first step to protect citizens of California. While the goal of the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility is to work for laws that will prohibit relicensing of nuclear plants in California, the action taken by Assemblyman Blakeslee will begin an important dialog on nuclear waste build up on our fragile coast.
Since this would conflict with Assemblyman DeVore's AB 719, it is up to the blogosphere to keep this discussion going, and I will certainly do that.

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