Friday, March 30, 2007

Global Warming is a partisan issue

Chris Mooney, blogging at Intersection today, gives us the ( yawn ) observation that Global Warming is a partisan issue in Washington.
The truth is that there's a strong climate of cowardice in Washington, D.C., when it comes to the subject of partisanship. Everyone wants to cite a few token mavericks from the other side in support of their position and then claim it's "bipartisan," while ignoring the starkly obvious fact that by and large, the two parties split dramatically on that issue. The media reinforces this phenomenon by constantly (and brainlessly) decrying "partisanship," as if it's somehow a bad thing.
As if we did not know that. When we seen our own Representatives like Dana Rohrbacker blabber away rather than seeking to bring out the truth.

We all know the Green Party positions on the issues related to climate change. Many of the those commenting on previous posts have given an account of the steps that they have personally taken to reduce their carbon footprint.

How, then, do we use the extremely partisan nature of this debate to help the Green Party? We know that a Pelosi led congress will only achieve half measures and none that will cause any pain for Democratic corporate backers. Where do we inject Green Party wisdom into the national debate?

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