Sunday, March 11, 2007

New Nuclear Power Plant Site approved.

My partner on this site, Alex Walker, forwarded this news item to me today.

Nuclear Power Industry Wins First Site Approval in 30 Years

Now, more than ever, we need to remove the distortions of governmental (tax payer) subsidies from the energy sector. If there is to be a rational solution to our ongoing energy problems, then it must be made on the basis of true, total cost allocation across all of the energy sectors.

The approval - for Exelon Generation Company's Clinton site, in central Illinois - was hailed by U.S. Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman as "a major milestone" in the Bush administration's plan to expand the use of nuclear power.

NRC approval of the Clinton Early Site Permit represents a major accomplishment in this administration’s effort to address the barriers and stimulate deployment of new nuclear power plants in the United States," Bodman said.

"By demonstrating effectiveness and predictability in the licensing process, utilities will have the information they need to make sound business decisions that can lead to the construction of new nuclear power plants," he said.

The Early Site Permit resolves environmental, site suitability and emergency planning issues with regard to the possible construction and operation of a new nuclear plant next to the Clinton Power Station in Clinton, Illinois. Exelon has not decided to move forward with building a new nuclear plant.

I hope that that California's Urban Greens do not duck out on this issue just because there is no NIMBY urgency.


Roger, Gone Green said...

As an "urban" Green, by golly, I think the NIMBY approach is the right one; in nuclear terms, anywhere within 5,000 miles or so IS my backyard, and this Green finds nukes both needless and dangerous. I'm not sure there is an urban/non-urban split here . . .

Wes said...

How close are you to Yucca Mountain?