Saturday, November 03, 2007

California Hack du jour - US Sen. Diane Feinstein

The California Democratic Party Hack Du Jour is U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein. Sen. Feinstein's record as one of President Bush' chief enablers on all matters foreign and domestic is so bad, one hardly knows where to begin. Documenting this is a big job and I expect to be updating this Blog for a few days to get it all down.

The latest outrage is that Sen. Feinstein provided a crucial Democratic vote to confirm Michael B. Mukasey as George W. Bush's latest consigliere at the Justice Department. To add insult to injury, the Los Angeles Times published Feinstein's statement "explaining" her latest cave-in.

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Wes said...

Good idea, Alex.

I have a friend who acted as a research aide to Pete McCloskey during the 2006 campaign. He reported on meeting with Lady Di in Washington on an environmental issue (preserving habitat for endangered species) and that she appeared to surprised, if not even shocked, that then Representative Richard Pombo might have lied to her about the contents of a bill he was supporting. It is as if her position is so exalted that no one would dare to do that.

There is an arrogance about the woman that defies understanding. Maybe it comes from her wealth. Maybe it comes from her isolation inside the beltway. But others had the same levels of wealth and were not as isolated. While Lady Di has lost all connection to real people

ms_xeno said...

With each passing day, it gets tougher for them to pretend they want to stop the Republicans. Well, why should they even make the effort ? Feinstein and the rest know full well that the faithful will still turn out for them and defend them to the death from any terrifying incursions on their left flank. When you can get paid to act without even having to put on the act, I suppose that you might as well, er, keep the old powder dry.

Alex Walker said...

Feinstein Update: Lady Di Backing Telecom Amnesty