Sunday, November 18, 2007

Green Reactions to the IPCC report

If we turned on the TV news this weekend, we surely heard about the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Chang. Meeting in Valencia, Spain this weekend, they have once again warned the world of the dire consequences of business as usual. Even their Summary for Policy Makers runs 23 pages and none of it is uplifting.

The type of events that they warn against are being played out in Bangladesh at the same time. That is all over television also, finally. I want readers to take a look at the charts posted by Chris Mooney at intersection. They give graphic evidence of the effects of the warming of the ocean on the intensity of such storms. As Mooney writes:
The before-and-after difference, to my untrained eye, appears to be an average cooling of something like 1 degree Celsius for almost the entire Bay of Bengal.
And where did this incredible amount of energy removed from the ocean go?

Unfortunately, much of it it got unleashed upon Bangladesh in the form of wind and waves.
Unfortunately, what are getting out of policy makers, and even the most ardently vocal Democratic Presidential Candidates (Clinton, Edwards, Kucinich) is business as usual. It is all geared to inside the beltway policy wonk decisions and it will favor, once again, big business.

Grist has posted the pertinent Global Warming positions from all of the candidates, Democratic and Republican, on their site. It is all currently linked from this page. For some reason, they forgot to ask a Green. Maybe it is time that Kent Mesplay (Air Quality Control expert) or Cynthia McKinney provided an answer to them. The both know how.

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