Wednesday, November 14, 2007

If you know it is coming...

So many of us wonder why there is not more popular concern about Global Warming. But it is not an immediate threat to anyone. You can't absolutely tie any one weather event, even the drought in the Southeast, to Global Warming. All you can do it to try and prepare the best you can.

Why then, do we completely ignore the threats that we can see? Threats that are immediate? Maybe it is because we can not tie the word "terrorist" to them. I guess that Dick Cheney knoew something about the American psyche.

Here is the fact.

Typhoon Sidr is now at Category 4. For several days, the Joint Typhoon Warning Center has been forecasting that it would weaken. It has not, and in fact will move over even warmer water as it approaches the coast of Bangladesh.

This is not on the news. I guess they want us to be surprised when we have to send in emergency care.

Are we so self focused that we no longer care what happens unless it is on our own street? I called one local TV station to ask why it was not being reported and they said that it was not a local story, I should contact their network desk. I doubt that I will see it on World News Tonight.

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