Sunday, November 04, 2007

Hysterical Los Angeles Daily News Plea for 'Radical' Change

This is rich. Click below to read a downright hysterical editorial from the Los Angeles Daily News (our little imitation New York Daily News). The gist of the piece is that Los Angeles Establishment politics sucks, is hopelessly corrupt on account of "the unions, the developers and the other special interests that call the shots." They say "it's going to take something radical to change it." Most of the article is full of praise for the Valley secession campaign that failed a few years ago. This is bogus because having two corrupt governments instead of one is not going to change a damned thing (though it might create new opportunities for Orange County-style Republican crooks favored by Daily News "conservatives"). I post the text here in its entirety as a textbook example of how the MSM is incapable of "thinking outside the box" even while ranting and foaming about "radical" change.

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