Monday, December 31, 2007

Green Governance in 2008

Because Roger Gray had not updated his One SoCal Green blog in months, I had dropped it from the blogroll here. Now, today, thanks to wifi and some time to sit and think, Roger has updated it with a new post worth reading.

Roger is one of those Green who has stepped across the threshold into the realm of governance in Pasadena, CA where is he is a member of the Environmental Advisory Commission. There are two additional things you should know about Pasadena. One, is that it recently had a Green Party Mayor, Bill Paparian. The other is that Roger has been on a number of different city commissions, always trying to recruit other Greens and mentoring them on to the commission before he moves on.

I am in full agreement with Roger on the idea that we need to be for something and not always against everything. Protest will only take you so far. It may, in fact, win an election for you but then you have to learn how to govern, to transform protest into policy.

I guess that Roger would call me a Generation 3 Green.

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