Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Green Party Governor's Race

It looks like the Green Party of California will have something that the Democrats don't this year: a contested race for Governor. Both Laura Wells (NoCal) and Deacon Alexander (SoCal) have taken the initial steps to challenge for this post and both seem to be headed for a formal announcement in early January.

I had to take a couple of days to think about this one. It is not usual for the GPCA to have contested races. But, I think that we should welcome this one as it gives a chance to let everyone know just what the Green Party is all about.

Laura Wells has run for Controller before, polling over 400,000 votes in 2002. That is the most of any Green in California Electoral History. She is a strong advocate for economic justice.

Deacon Alexander is just a strong advocate for social justice, especially when that is being denied on any of fraudulent basis that our society manages to come up with.

I need to admit here that I have agreed to assist Laura in her campaign, but either of these two candidates will be a refreshing change from the two major parties where Jerry Brown's fund raising has chased everyone else from the contest and Meg E-Bay Whitman is trying to buy the nomination outright.

Greens take no corporate donations and neither candidate is a wealthy as the millionaire list that the Republicans are running (Whitmen, Poizner, Fiorina for Senator). Rather Greens will win their votes the hard way. They will earn them listing to people rather than talking at them, on their feet rather than on the airways (may I never hear another Whitman ad again... they are as jarring when listening to KDFC as are the Coit rug cleaning commercials.)


richardwinger said...

Laura Wells did well in November 2002, but she got 419,873 votes, not over 600,000. Maybe you were thinking of Sarah Knapp, the Green who got 695,372 votes in June 2006 for Supt. of Public Instruction.

Wes said...

You are right. Mea culpa. It was still the most by a Green in a Partisan Race. Supt. of Public Instruction in nominally non-partisan.