Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More Grist for the Mill

One of those I follow on twitter is Grist's Dave Roberts @drgrist. He is about as knowledgeable on energy politics as anyone and never afraid to speak his mind. Tonight, his tweets included this gem:
Added irony: French court nixes #carbontax because it has too many looholes. I thought only #capandtrade had those! http://bit.ly/8QsPU2
What Roberts and so many other apologists for the status quo fail to acknowledge is that legislatures, whether the US Congress or the Parlement fran├žais, whether Democratic or Republican, currently exist to create loopholes. A loophole here for a critical industry, a loophole there for a key constituency. That is how they try to stay in power. In America, it is all so commercialized. What price a vote for Climate Change?

Then, maybe Roberts's spelling "loohole" was a just bathroom carbon black humor.

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