Thursday, December 03, 2009

Health care then and now.

Health Care: From the Day Books of Edward Weston.

March 22, 1929: Yesterday Brett and Merle went riding, - horseback -- the horse slipped, fell on Brett, breaking his leg --- he is now in the Monterey hospital. The X-ray shows the bone so twisted that only an operation can put it in place with any surety.

March 23, 1929: How cold-blooded hospitals and doctors can be, or seem to be: that is re: financial details, - I would not have wanted an emotional nurse, or physician. Well, they are in business, have to live. I ask a deposit on my work, why shouldn't they? But when I was told they wouldn't operate without cash on hand, -- $75, which, though I know it is a small amount, I have not, I asked, "If I cannot get the amount by Tuesday, what will you do,- send the boy away?"

Single Payer Health Care Now.


Martin Zehr said...

Inherent conflicts in public health services- spending without increasing revenues and not spending and reducing revenues. Neither strategy works. if you want to spend, you have to raise the revenues. If you decide not to spend you lose all public health services, and education and water infrastructure and so on.

Robbing Medicare to fund obamacare will not work.

Martin Zehr said...

single payer needs to be structured based on lowering the Medicare age bar. Instead the age bar is being raised. There is no single payer absent the revenues for it. there is no new universal single payer plan on anyone's map.