Thursday, December 17, 2009

State of San Joaquin

I don't often comment on Republican races but now I am getting interested in the Republican Primary for the 18th Senate District. The incumbent, Ashburn, is being termed out and maybe no one will notice since he has been something of a non-entity, though no one can match Rep. Congressman Wally "Walleye" Herger (CA-02)for being invisible.

From what I read at swingstate project, the Republican Primary contest will determine the next State Senator in a district where registration favors the Republicans by 16.5%. The thing that makes this interesting is the campaign being run by Bill Maze, once the 34th District Assemblyman termed out in 2008. Maze has a plan to divide California into 2 states: a 13 county Coastal belt running from the Bay Area to San Diego and the rest of the state. He is actually making this a campaign issue.

Most think this is crazy. But, Maze currently has no announced opposition though the Bakersfield press thinks that Assemblywoman Jean Fuller (32nd AD and not termed out) will run for the seat. If it is a race, and Maze wins, I think that signals a move further to the fringes in the San Joaquin Valley and little chance for Democratic gains. Nothing but gridlock for another 4 years in Sacramento.

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Mato Ska said...

Actually, if they ever do what they're talking about, a lot of folks in southern California could find they don't have the water they thought they did. Personally, I could live with the idea. Sorry L.A. you're on your own.