Friday, August 04, 2006

PA Politics

We still judge things by east coast politics, don'g we. First the Democrats are looking so hard at the Lamont - Lieberman race in Connecticut. Now, Greens are arguing about Carl Romanelli's effort to run for the US Senate Seat held by Republican Rick Santorum.

The first sign that I see is the way that "progressive" Greens and Democrats on the blogosphere are vilifying Romanelli for accepting Republican money to finance a signature gathering drive. While the Republican motives may not be pure, that should not reflect on Romanelli.

There is nothing so farcial as the pompous self-righteousness of some progressives. It is on the same level as Pat Robertson using the 700 club to call for the assignation of Hugo Chavez, an act for which he later apologized to the public, if not to God.

The first lesson of mind control and mob psychology is to get the masses to think of everyone lese as somehow different. As long as you can consider them as "the other" and vilify them at will, then you are safely within the protective fold of your own self-righteousness. Take the example of Marcos Zuninga's vilivication of Carl Pope and the Sierry Club for endorsing Republican Lincoln Chaffee in Rhode Island. Chaffee, almost single handedly stopped the Richard Pombo led effort to eviscerate the Endangered Species Act. He has been a staunch supporter of environmental issue for his entire career. For the the Sierra Club to have turned their backs on Chaffee just because he was wearing a Red State Tie would have been an act of betrayal, putting party purity above issues and ethics. That is the first step toward the totalitarianism of the left, as opposed to the fascism being engineered now by Dick Cheney and the Republican House leadership.

Here is another question: Should Republican Pete McCloskey, have refused Democratic money in his primary race against Richard Pombo? As a Green, I worked my ass off for Pete, who (by the way) authored the original Endangered Species Act and was the Republican Coordinaotor for the very first Earth Day.


Anonymous said...

FWIW, it was a mistake for Romanelli to accept Republican cash for his Senate bid, in my opinion. It's bad politics, bad optics, bad policiy, just all around bad.

Yeah, yeah, Democratic candidates take money from Republicans all the time. Is that bad? Yes, it's bad. And it's a double-standard that we Greens get scorched for it when Dems get a free pass. So what else is new? Greens get held to a different standard, in part, because we Greens hold ourselves to a different standard. There's a reason we're Greens and not Dems... 'cause we don't stand for the horseshit they stand for.

In my opinion, we shouldn't take money from people who appear not to share our values.

Patrick Meighan
Venice, CA

Wes said...

Such a busy day. I did not get back to this. We have been hearing mice or something running in the attic and walls. Got a cat from the animal shelter today and the running stopped.

What does that have to do with PA. Sometimes even the smell of something is enough to drive people away. Still, then answer is really to work for electral reform. Forrest Hill has just about the best, practical plan of anyone running for office. I hope that we can help him give it the hearing it deserves.