Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Political Interference in Science.

One of my favorite rant subjects involves political interpretations of scientific data. It is one reason that Chris Mooney's blog exists. I have just found that the Union of Concerned Scientists have developed a novel gimic for explaining the extent of this elemental strategy to subvert the truth.

For a wonderful exzample of how your tax payer dollars are being spent, you only need to look at the information package presente regarding Earth Day 2006.

Still, there are more examples of the fact that the tide is changing regards climate change and energy policy. I offer the following quote from one member of a discussion panel at last Weeks meeting of the American Geophysical Union.
"Climate change is real, and we clearly believe we are on a route to mandatory controls on carbon dioxide and we need to start now because the longer we wait, the more difficult and expensive this is going to be." - James Rogers, CEO, Duke Energy in NY Times.
I think that we need to provide a political action equivalent to the Union of Concerned Scientists Chart. Maybe we can get commoner1 to host it at Green Commons. Does anyone want to help with this?

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