Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Some people still fight 2004.

Earlier, I wrote about a senryu contest. The one reply, and subject of this post, that I have received so far was:

Stop this cowardice
Stand up to Cobb's evil
Fight the Democrats ... by anonymous.

I found this a bit ironic, that one would talk of cowardice and refuse to identify themselves.

To which they replied.

Either stand up to the Democrats or be abandoned as irrelevant. It's your choice.
No, it is those who continue to fight the 2004 election all over again who are irrelevant. Developing policy on the basis of opposing what the Democrats are doing is giving them control over your actions. What a stupid thing to do. It is worthy of Karl Rove.

It is time to start a new Green Revolution in CA and, if the Democrats don't want to join, it is they who will become irrelevant. Just as the Repbulicans are playing to their base to the point that they are in danger of becoming a minor regional (southern) party, those who continue to fight this idiotic battle are the ones who endanger this party.

A Green Revolution begins when we start defining what a Green California could become, and then begin to work toward that vision. All else is just pretense.

Your senryu will remain, as invited, but the other comment, having found a new home here, will be deleted from the senryu thread.


Wes said...
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Anonymous said...

The point is David Cobb is getting paid off through false front foundations by big Democrat contributors to debilitate and destroy the Green Party. Since he moved to Humboldt County our registration numbers have gone into a tail spin, and we lost every local election we were in last month.

Wes said...

Now, I have heard similar charges concerning Cobb, and frankly also of others, before. However, I have never seen anyone come up with documentary proof of what you are saying. What payments we made? When was it done? What was the quid pro quo? Without that, you don't have a story, you have a rumor. Get me a story and we will deal with it.

As for losing elections and declining voter registration, I have news for you. It is not a Humboldt County phenomenon. It is happening in most counties. I strongly believe that it reflects the fact that Greens have failed to connect to the voters on local issues. When Gayle McLaughlin began to campaign on the very local issue of finding non-violent solutions to the crime (especially murder) rates in Richmond, she got elected to the City Council and then to Mayor. If we want to be elected, it is necessary to engage with the most important issues in the local community.

Anonymous said...

You know exactly what we're talking about here, its Green Institute and Liberty Tree Foundation, both of which are linked to the Cobbite cronies still clinging to their undemocratically elected positions in the GPUS.

And no, Humboldt County was actually on the upswing before Cobb got here, his divisiveness has debilitated the capacity of the local party to do much of anything.

Anonymous said...

The Democrats will continue to attack the Greens and any and all other progressive third parties, you just want to gum up your ears and pretend otherwise go ahead but that won't really save you, will it?

Anonymous said...

No, it won't, but since there isn't exactly a line of folks out the door waiting to express themselves here such denial of reality does serve to give Wes a certain insufferable smugness.

Anonymous said...

That was me, I don't know why it showed up as anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Maybe some make elongated fights within our own party because they feel impotent in the 2 party system.

I find it really breaks down on gender lines, not many women in the Green Party are carrying on with this tired old issue.

Anonymous said...

Who exactly are these "big Democrat contributors?" The same family who maxed out to Nader/Camejo in 2004? If so, then either Nader is bought, or the family are not Democrats. Either way, this post was wrong when it was posted, and it is still wrong and libelous today.